The heart of our business is providing quality, dependable court reporting services. We provide accurate, precise transcripts with a turn-around to fit your needs. Trial tomorrow? No problem. A transcript in two hours, overnight, tomorrow, ten days -- you tell us what you need. We will provide it. How do we know we can do it? Because we have been providing it for over decades. Technology gives us the power of speed. We want to be your first call without hesitation because you trust us. Trust is the glue.


Realtime reporting is provided when requested. Attorneys can bring their laptops and connect to our CaseViewNet to view the instantaneous record. They can annotate, mark questions or answers, and refer back to any critical section of the day's testimony. The day's proceedings can quickly then be emailed to anyone, anywhere in the world. We provide laptops to make it as easy as possible to make the technology work for you.


Because the California Superior Courts are not providing court reporters for some counties, attorneys in surrounding courthouses are relying on us for real time reporting -- for law and motion, dailies or four-month trials. We provide a laptop for the judge, as they usually prefer it, and the attorneys as well upon request. We've done the depostions, the expert witnesses. Our familiarity with the case makes us the perfect choice for the courtroom.

Most judges prefer that the court reporter provide realtime reporting for their convenience. We supply laptops to the judge or attorneys upon request, providing scrolling of the realtime records for all parts of the proceeding.


Videography services are supplied by a company that, for twenty years, we have had an exclusive relationship with. Have never disappointed. Simply let us know you need a videographer and we will make the arrangements anywhere in Northern California. They digitally sync the reporter’s transcript to the video. They also offer a Video Conference Center on site for videoconferencing of depositions.


Need a Punjabi interpreter tomorrow at 9:00? Our relationship with interpreters throughout the state -- no matter what language -- takes the burden off of your office staff. Our alliances are strong and interpreters have worked with us time and time again. We know who to call for the best quality interpretation services.


We provide complimentary Condensed Transcripts and Word Indexes with each transcript order. ASCII discs are always included for free. Our interactive deposition discs hyperlink exhibits to page and line in PDF and txt; and uploading to Summation is possible with the scanned disc. Master exhibit binders, to help keep everyone organized, are provided and updated, along with our master indexes.


For any calendaring inquiries or scheduling issues for your next deposition, contact Sheila, our office manager. She have loyally worked for KDA Reporting for over 16 years. She provides invaluable knowledge of the services available to your support staff. She diligently searches for conference rooms for out-of-town depositions. She handles those nerve-racking, last-minute emergency deposition scheduling. She is a pleasure to work with and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the business. In short, she is there to help you and your support staff.


All deposition court reporters work as independent contractors. They are all licensed by the State of California. They provide speed and precision, with no interruptions. Our reporters are highly-experienced in medical malpractice, complex litigation and highly-sensitive cases. Our elite court reporters maintain the highest professional standards.


We have three complimentary conference rooms on site in Sacramento at our Conference Center. We also have access to other conference facilities in the surrounding region. We have scheduled hundreds of deposition in remote areas, finding the best facilities for the best price.