Question: How do I find the exhibits on the email?

Answer: Open attachment or PDF file. On the left-hand column of the page, look for the paperclip. Click on the paperclip and the text file and exhibits are listed. Click on each exhibit and it opens the exhibit.

Question: Where can I find the hyperlinked exhibit in the transcript?

Answer: Anytime the exhibit number, such as Exhibit 3, is mentioned in the transcript, the exhibit is hyperlinked. Click on the blue box and the exhibit appears.

Question: What is on my CD?

Answer: On the CD, you will find the full transcript in PDF format and your PDF condensed transcript. The word index is found attached to the end of the transcript.

Question: Can I pay with a credit card?

Answer: Yes. We accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Go to our easy PayPal link and make a payment.

Question: Do we have court reporters for EUOs and IMEs?

Answer: Yes. We frequently are scheduled for EUOs, IMEs, arbitrations, mediations, state hearings and interviews. We also do audio transcriptions for our clients, if the need arises.